Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Organizational effectiveness and employee development occur when there is solid alignment between individual interests and organizational needs. To set the context for talent reviews, it is important to first identify organizational needs. The goal is to surface any changing requirements, skills, and knowledge needed by the organization.

An assessment of the organization includes the following steps:

  • Review of Strategy and Key Challenges: The first step in the talent management process is a structured discussion about organizational strengths, opportunities, and challenges. This discussion sets the organizational context for considering workforce development.

What is the group, team, or organization trying to achieve?

  • Environmental Scan/SWOT Analysis: As a supplement to the above, organizational departments can conduct a more detailed strategy review. An “environmental scan” captures current and changing client needs and requests for services. The “SWOT” analysis organizes information into a clear summary of the internal organization's strengths, weaknesses) and external market (opportunities, and threats).

What is changing in the department? What stays the same?

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