Development Planning

Development Planning

As part of the performance management cycle, managers can incorporate short- and long-term development planning.

The following resources include discussion topics, helpful questions, and planning tools to support managers in preparing for development discussions.

  • Developing Your Staff (workshop): Development planning focuses on helping employees gain the skills, knowledge, and behaviors to work effectively in their current job and prepare for future opportunities. The manager plays a key role in this process. Topics include:
    • Preparing a development discussion agenda
    • Identifying questions for an employee to encourage development planning
    • Understanding multiple learning and development strategies
    • Clarifying the difference between providing performance feedback and coaching for development
    • Being aware of departmental needs and work tasks that might be developmental opportunities for staff members

    To learn more and to register for this workshop, please see The Learning Center in Atlas.

  • Preparing for a Development Discussion - Manager Worksheet (PDF): This worksheet helps managers set goals for a development discussion, identify employee strengths and development needs, and begin brainstorming development opportunities. 
  • Conducting a Development Discussion - Manager Tips (PDF): This outline lists typical discussion topics and questions to include in a development discussion.
  • Individual Development Plan (PDF): This worksheet can be used by employees to create a development plan.